C++ Programming

C++ used to be my favourite programming language, so I've done quite a bit of coding in it. Just lately though, I have become rather tired of it's increasingly obscure and verbose syntax and increasingly bloated feature set.

The decision of the C++ standards comittee to standardise operator "" was the final straw. What were they thinking? Is this more important than the 10+ year overdue need for a proper module system? People have been screaming for years about slow C++ build times and dependency management, but have the standards comittee addressed these important issues? Of course not, they were too busy adding operator "". C++ has clearly lost its way.

None of the alternatives enthuse me either. I can't get excited about D, ADA, Eiffel or any of the new functional languages. Although the C# syntax is a little cleaner, this language has become just as big and bloated as C++ IMO.

So I've come to the regrettable conclusion that I'm going to need to design a new programming language myself... god help me!


Prefer Namespaces to Classes (18/02/2014)