Windows/Linux Utility Programs

Below you'll find a collection of useful command line utility programs written by me in C++ for 32/64-bit windows and Fedora 23/24/25. They are free for anyone to use without restriction. All I ask is that if you find any bugs or have any problems with them, please drop me an email with the details.

WindowsLinuxMan PageSynopsis aes.bz2 aes.pdf Utility to encrypt and decrypt a file using AES-256 binit.pdf Utility to move a file(s) to the Windows recycle bin csvcut.bz2 csvcut.pdf Utility to extract columns from a CSV file csvinclude.bz2 csvinclude.pdf Utility to include files within fields of a CSV file ta.bz2 ta.pdf A powerful text/macro processor that incorporates the google V8 JavaScript engine xml2json.bz2 xml2json.pdf Utility to convert an XML file to JSON format