Utility Programs

Sometimes, despite looking everywhere, I've not been able to find a utility program to solve my particular problem, so I've had to write one myself. As a consequence, you might also find these programs useful. Needless to say, the programs below are provided on an as-is basis without a warranty of any kind. Both Linux and Windows binaries are available. The Windows versions are no longer maintained as I now use Linux for all software development.

WindowsLinuxMan PageSynopsis
aes.zip aes.bz2 aes.pdf Encrypt and decrypt a file using AES-256
binit.zip binit.pdf Move a file(s) to the Windows recycle bin
csvcut.zip csvcut.bz2 csvcut.pdf Extract columns from a CSV file
csvinclude.zip csvinclude.bz2 csvinclude.pdf Include files within fields of a CSV file
ta.zip ta.bz2 ta.pdf A powerful text/macro processor that incorporates the google V8 JavaScript engine
xml2json.zip xml2json.bz2 xml2json.pdf Convert an XML file to JSON format